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Hi there! My name is Terri, and this is my dedicated and active NBC Hannibal blog! I like to keep the blog active with a lot of variety, but I specialize in Hannibal meta and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy). I also make gifsets and sometimes post my own art.

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Anonymous asked: "...but it’s still not really an ensemble cast..." "The show is hyper-focused on Hannibal and Will." OMG THIS. The one thing that kinda irks me are people who say that Hannibal and (especially) Will are too much the center of this show's universe, but that's the point. From the show's conception all the way to this point, it's been about those two. Yes other shows manage to fit subplots in for side characters, but that's not what 'Hannibal' is about, & it honestly has NEVER been about that.


Yeah, it’s definitely more The X-Files than it is Star Trek: DS9

The show receives criticism whenever it’s not about Hannibal and Will, so that’s obviously where the strength of it lies. 

I could theorize about why it is that some people don’t want it to be about Hannibal and (especially) Will, but that probably wouldn’t endear me to anyone, and I’ve already lost enough followers for today. 

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the-one-blog-to-rule-them-all asked: wait threesome tweet what



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venndigo asked: maybe it's expecting too much, but i wish they could represent the separateness of romantic love and sexual attraction on the show. i don't want hannibal and will to be sexually attracted to each other. i don't think they see each other that way and i don't think they ever will. (and hannibal is definitely asexual to me.) but even if it's never reciprocated, even if it is a "dead end", i'd just really like to see that hannibal DOES love will in a non-platonic way. i don't understand why (1/2)


(2/2) that seems to be the line they refuse to cross. i don’t ever expect to be able to comprehend bryan fuller’s way of thinking, but on a show where someone can throw up a human ear and that’s so MINOR that it’s actually pointed out as a joke, on a show where they can find a bird in a woman in a horse, why they couldn’t just say that yes, in the way hannibal is able to love, he is in love with will. i want to hear someone other than mads say that it’s different than “heterosexual friendship”.

Do you mean you want Hannibal to actually say he loves Will outright or someone else voice it in words outright on the show? Or would you be content with more acknowledgement from behind the scenes, with people like Bryan Fuller. Didn’t Bryan say that Hannibal has a “form of love for Will Graham” at SDCC last year? I seem to remember that. Is that phrasing good enough, or do you want something more? It seems to me it’s close to you saying, “in the way hannibal is able to love, he is in love with will.”

I do think they have crossed that line in some ways, especially with Hannibal attributing the feeling of love to Will’s admirer in “Hassun,” and Bedelia identifying it as obsession in “Kaiseki.” But, like you, I’d also love to see it stated explicitly on the show. To be honest, though, as a writer I’d save it up till later. It’d could be a powerful moment, and I think it might be less about that being a line they won’t cross than making sure that it has maximum impact when they do. 

Will mostly knows what he’s luring Hannibal with, so stating it right now isn’t going to have as much impact as reminding the audience of it, say sometime after Hannibal guts Will or sends Francis Dolarhyde after him or costs him Molly. That’s when I’d write it in because it’d be so much more painful then, and I’d think I’d want to be playing up that feeling that as long as Hannibal is alive, the nightmare for Will will never be over. And that this nightmare is based in love and his own betrayal of that love is just twisting the knife over and over again. So…well, yeah. That’s when I’d do it. 

We have that “Why you?” question hanging over us as part of the promise for the rest of this season, though, so maybe it will be spoken more specifically if they were referring to Hannibal’s obsession and not just Will’s murderousness. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if they never said it outright either and just left it in a place of ambiguity. If I were doing that as a writer, it wouldn’t be about not crossing a line so much as wanting to maintain tension around their relationship by concealing some of it. 

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Anonymous asked: It confuses me that, now that Hannibal and Alana Bloom are sleeping together, that this topic has never come up between Hannibal and Will. I know when Will was in jail, Hannibal said he would give his best to Alana. But how come neither men, nor Alana, have never really come out and mentioned this new relationship? Alana's feelings for Will seem to have somewhat shifted quickly from Will to Hannibal.


Alana and Will did acknowledge it briefly at Will’s homecoming, and Will handles it about like you’d expect from him. Not pleased, but no childish antics either—he was very courteous about her refusal to engage in a relationship last year, and treated her like an adult this year too: advised her to stay away and then left it up to her, which is all the more option he has. 

If I were Will, I probably wouldn’t bring her up with Hannibal—no sense endangering her unnecessarily. If I were Hannibal, I’d do it at the right time, whenever that is. I expect we’ll be getting to see some discussion between them when we get to the stage of the story where that starts to work in line with the major plots they’re telling. The Alana thing is a slow build, major payoff kind of plotline, so they’re doling it out in small servings till we get to the juicy stuff later (Ep 10!). 

I think there is some transference in Alana of her feelings from Will and onto Hannibal, which isn’t to say that her feelings for Hannibal aren’t authentic on their own, but she went from a direct sense of being betrayed by Will to sleeping with Hannibal without taking the time to heal first. I haven’t felt (even before the threesome tweet today) that Alana’s really over Will (hence their endless pillow talk about Will). So what she’s done is reactionary and is definitely quick, but because it’s reactionary, I don’t think it was a clean break at all, and therefore I don’t think of it so much as an on-off switch (off Will and onto Hannibal) as I do more of a shifting of the focus of her feelings, without actually starting anything new or ending anything old.

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Will ‘Puppy Wrangler’ Graham in his little beanie appreciation post

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Anonymous asked: there's been roughly 256.7 million outcries of OOCness in relation to almost every character this season, and i'm starting to wonder if thats intentional. What if we as viewers are supposed to struggle with who we thought the characters were while the characters themselves are struggling with knowing who each other are. kind of like some sort of meta experience haha


Since I haven’t found the characters to be OOC, it’s really impossible for me to answer this question as a yes and then explore that. 

I have some posts I’m working on regarding the character development of Alana, Hannibal and Will that will hopefully all be out soon. I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my asks—I’m getting up to five requests for meta per day, on average, and I can’t possibly write five essays everyday, so something has to give here soon. But these character development ones are important to me, so I’ll try to get them done, and maybe they’ll be of interest to you as pertains to this question. 

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Anonymous asked: Same anon from just now (about the queer relationship). It's not really a headcanon of mine, just trying to fit together the "Will is straight" with "their relationship is ambiguous with homoerotic undertones". When I say "queer", I mean that their relationship is outside of societal norms for most hetero male relationships (amongst other things) because of it's closeness and intensity. It just seems that Fuller is focusing on relationships more than individual labels or categories.


Oh, sure, the focus is on relationships, but I don’t think that focusing there is going to resolve anything. In the sense that queerplatonic is a kind of a catch-all for relationships that don’t fit under other labels, the term works, but I think what they’re shooting for on the show goes beyond even that.

This is the operatic quality of the show. My husband and I were talking about the final scene of “Su-zakana” the other day, specifically the gesture Hannibal makes of putting his hand on the back of Will’s neck as he speaks to Will with such pride about how he can’t predict him. My husband basically said that it’s way more intimate that one would expect between two men in a heterosexual relationship, but coupled with the almost parental pride in the speech Hannibal gives, it’d be way weird in any romantic or queerplatonic relationship as well. Two men, two women, one man and one woman, gay, straight, and so forth—that’d be a weird thing to say and do in really just about any context. 

Basically the show is presenting a relationship based in the reciprocal obsession of entirely unique minds, and that doesn’t fit under any labels, including the amusingly understated term the show has adopted: friendship. What Will and Hannibal have between them is not something human beings really have. It’s a Dark Romantic notion of soul-mates, it exists entirely within fantasy, and putting real life labels to it is always going to come up short. And like Bryan said, there’s the cinema of it as well as the writing and what the actors are doing. It’s all heightened and it’s not what real relationships, healthy or otherwise, are like. 

And that’s the opera of it. I don’t think there’s going to be a clean resolution to “Will is straight” with “homoerotic subtext” because that’s what Bryan is talking about when he talks about it being “beyond sexual” or “pure intimacy in a non-physical way.” Audience consumption—the transmission of the message into the mind of the viewer—is what makes it homoerotic. The audience needs to be recognized as an active rather than passive participant in this process. That’s why Bryan said, “anyone in the audience who is attracted to either of the men will feel that energy.” It’s subtext, it’s practically text, but it’s still not quite text, except in the mind of the viewer. The show evokes that response from the audience with the suggestiveness of the cinema, but direct character analysis will not support it (“to be absolutely clear,” Bryan said, “it is not sexual”), and it doesn’t work for certain audience members: not everyone will feel that energy or define it that way. Without explicit mention in the text, then, it does not allow for much in the way of situational sexuality (apparently, given that we haven’t seen all the show yet), no matter how likely that may be in real life.

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nothinghereisvegitarian asked: Winston is flawless and he doesn't have a line


Winston doesn’t have a line; ergo he is flawless.

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Anonymous asked: Despite the sexual category the characters in, Fuller has been very good at being ambiguous about RELATIONSHIPS. Like, even though Will is straight, his relationship with Hannibal is ambiguous (and I would consider queer or at least fluid). I actually prefer that since it emphasizes how situational sexuality can be


I don’t have a problem with this as theory/headcanon, but I don’t think it’s supported by the text. 

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Margot Verger requested by anon (Nbc Hannibal)

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I need to know if you're going to try to kill me again, Will.

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Hugh Dancy is a gift humanity has given itself.

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