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Will Graham-ing it like a boss over here….

That would suggest a radically unorthodox form of therapy.


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Bryan Fuller BTS in Aperitif

"Francis Dolarhyde has something that Hannibal Lecter doesn’t, which is an inkling of humanity left, he’s trying to stop. Will sees Francis Dolarhyde as a version of Hannibal Lecter that he can actually save from himself."

Bryan Fuller, explaining just how he’s going to twist that knife even deeper this season [x] (via existingcharactersdiehorribly)

Just so everyone knows—since I’m seeing it speculated about—this is straight from the book, not something Bryan Fuller made up. Will wanted to save Dolarhyde. He was willing to risk dying to do that, once he believed Molly had gone. 

Graham filled his glass again and sat at the table by the window, staring at the empty chair across from him, he stared until the space in the opposite chair assumed a man-shape filled with dark and swarming motes, a presence like a shadow on suspended dust. He tried to make the image coalesce, to see a face. It would not move, had no countenance but, faceless, faced him with palpable attention. 

"I know it’s tough," Graham said. He was intensely drunk. "You’ve got to try to stop, just hold off until we find you. If you’ve got to do something, fuck, come after me. I don’t give a shit. It’ll be better after that. They’ve got some things now to help you make it stop. To help you stop wanting to so bad. Help me. Help me a little. Molly’s gone, old Freddy’s dead. It’s you and me now, sport.” He leaned across the table, his hand extended to touch, and the presence was gone. 

—Red Dragon, pp. 193-94

Filtering this desire to save Dolarhyde from himself through the knowledge that Hannibal is unsavable is not a matter of Bryan Fuller trying to do some kind of Hannigram fanservice: it’s a natural extrapolation of part of why this might be important to Will given his and Hannibal’s past in this iteration of the story, and, not incidentally, might also be why Dolarhyde would be important to Hannibal. As they are the two main characters in a non-ensemble cast, this is the way everything in the story has to be told. Period

People who think the relationship between Hannibal and Will, as it appears in the show, is an example of Bryan Fuller pandering to fans are forgetting that Bryan Fuller was one to decide that this is the story he would be telling, long before fans had any voice or involvement. If you don’t think every aspect of S1 was about Hannibal and Will in some way, you need to go back and rewatch it. And while you’re at it, take a look at Bryan’s and Hugh’s and Mads’s answers to questions last year at this time. 

For both of them, two people who have been wandering their whole lives through a world in which they have not really experienced any viable form of connection with another human being—because they’re two extremely unusual people—and then they meet. And it is! It’s a meet-cute, over a little tasty morsel, you know, a little breakfast. And their appreciation for each other only deepens from that point. 

—Hugh Dancy, SDCC 2013

It brings up an interesting question about what is love. And love between two characters that doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual can still be love, and can still be valid and still be powerful, and I do think there is a form of love that Hannibal has for Will Graham.

—Bryan Fuller, SDCC 2013

Lecter is a man of opportunity, he sees opportunities everywhere. When he sees Will, he recognizes himself to a degree. Lecter has a lot of empathy but he uses it as a tool, Will has a lot of empathy but has no idea what to do with it. That’s a nice opportunity; [he] will help this young man open his eyes to his real potential. That’s what Hannibal is hoping for. But he also sees an opportunity for a friend, which he’s probably not had too many of. Even though I’m the puppeteer, Hannibal really, really loves Will.

—Mads Mikkelsen, ETOnline, March 21, 2013 (before the first season even aired)

Season 2 had to get hyperfocused on Hannibal and Will at some point because that’s the way stories are told: the confrontation always comes down to the two main players on the board, with everyone else swept aside at that point. Others might be present and affecting the outcome, but for that period of climax, the story belongs to the mains, and it is theirs alone. The first half of the season showed us that Will had nothing to fight with but himself, the second half showed us him doing that—and whether they love each other or not, they are adversaries and have been so at least since the climax of S1 in the Hobbs’s kitchen, if not from the moment they first met. 

Of course the show can’t and won’t stay hyperfocused on them forever—obviously—and so the story will broaden back up again and then narrow back down again, periodically, as fits the narrative.

And when it focuses in, it’s not a matter of fanservice. It’s the way the story has been constructed from day one.

arciam replied to your post “Do you have any headcannons about Hannibal’s childhood?”

Well, *technically* you have that “headcanon” of sorts that says what messed him up about Misha’s death - however she died according to series canon - was his own role in it ;3 (Just saying because I’d really like you to be right about that ^^ )

This is going to seem like a silly distinction in my head (because it kind of is), but that isn’t really a headcanon in my way of thinking—more like a reasoned extrapolation that I’d give as a prediction of where they’d go based on what people don’t like about Hannibal Rising and the fact that Bryan Fuller seems to agree with them, combined with their “he is the devil” business. Like, I believe that’s a better, more consistent story than the one told in Hannibal Rising, but I won’t really believe it enough to headcanon it without more evidence to support it, because we just don’t have anything to go off of yet.

By contrast, one headcanon I do have is that Will not only lured Freddie to his house to save her life in “Naka Choko,” but that he deliberately showed up late to the appointment and terrorized her because he rightly feared she would be a problem to his schemes (and to her own life expectancy, probably) if he didn’t. I think there’s enough evidence to support this—Will’s failure to get anyone else to listen to him earlier in the season, and how that resulted in the loss of all their lives (except Chilton’s, evidently), Hannibal’s simultaneous presence at Freddie’s hotel room, and Freddie’s evident expectation that he would be there when she first showed up at the house, with the change in her expression when she only found the dogs barking at her—that I can believe it without being provided distinct proof of it—thus elevating it from possibility to headcanon—but there isn’t enough textual evidence for me to say it’s more than headcanon at this point. So, headcanon it is.

There’s nothing about Hannibal’s past that I can ascribe that level of belief to. 


Hannibal, you are The One.


Hannibal, you are The One.


Jonathan Ross asking the important question.
Bryan Fuller making creepy promises.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI'm glad I'm not the only 1 who was disappointed with this years Pannibal, it seemed 2 me, 2 b full of fluff/fillers rather than substance this year. Just like you I was hoping some real questions would be asked and I felt so embarrassed for Caroline whose only official questions where about her having sex with Hannibal/Mads and those asked by the fans where about her character in Wonderfalls which is lovely but seeing as this was a Hannibal panel & no one spoke about Alana I found embarrassing. Answer


Hi nonnie Ü/ Okay let me see this:

[This is just my personal opinion, okay?:]

I agree with you to a certain extent; let’s be honest, one of the best things we do in this fandom is fill our sadness with stupid jokes and fluffy things so I, obviously, was expecting some of the questions made at the Pannibal.

As for Caroline… She is a sweet, I loved how she was blushing and all, but we have a chance to ask something more personal like “Do you really think there was a love triangle?” or “What do you think of Alana’s decisions?” or she even said Alana didn’t blame completely Will for his actions (except for Mukozuke), so that was another question! I would take the opportunity to ask about her opinion on why Hannibal can’t be considered as a sexist show… Alana Bloom is a wonderful character, and okay yes, her relationship with Hannibal was important for her storyline, but that does not define who she is or what she is.

[And yes, I was glad that people mentioned her character in Wonderfalls, I bet she was glad too, but she was there for her work on Hannibal….]

And as for the other characters, okay, Scott and Aaron can’t take anything serious, which is cool because these two idiots are adorable! But I was quite sure that there would be more questions about Beverly, like, you have the two character that were closer to her, and they had to be in the case and they had to examine her mutilated body, why don’t ask something more personal, like “How do your characters coped with her death?” That’d be an incredible question.

As I said, I was hoping for questions such as “What Will be Will’s state of mind in season 3?”, “Will we know more about Hannibal’s backstory? How will be adapted to our modern era?”, “What did Hugh and Mads say or think when they were shooting the last scene?”, “Is there any possibility of see Molly and Reba in this season? or maybe season 4?”, ”Are we gonna see Will Graham and Clarice Starling together for the first time?”,  “If NBC doesn’t renew Hannibal for a fourth season, What are your plans?” or a question related to the forthcoming seasons, Bryan is taking too much material of the last book, how will it affect season 4, 5 and 6?

But honestly, what can I say? People can ask what they want, I’d probably have asked about the Willdigo, so….

Anonymous Asked
QuestionDo you have any headcannons about Hannibal's childhood? Answer



u think hannibal ever smile to himself wen they talk about the chesapeake ripper like



Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: Margot Verger, Bella Crawford or Alana Bloom

"When you are gone, he will feel your silence like a draft."